Published June 16, 2023 | Version v1
Dataset Restricted

User research data for FinEst pilot project GreenTwins

  • 1. Aaalto University
  • 2. Tallinn University of Technology
  • 3. Aalto University
  • 4. FinEst Centre


This record contatins the data on user research in the framework of FinEst pilot project entitled GreenTwins for (1) AvaLinn Smart City Planning Hub, (2) dynamic digital plant library (local tree models of different ages and LOD levels), (3) Urban Tempo (visualisation application), (4) Virtual Green Planner (co-planning application). The data is RESTRICTED access due to GDPR considerations.

User research process and results are described in the publication: Nummi, P, Prilenska, V, Grisakov, K, Fabritius, H, Ilves, L, Kangassalo, P, Staffans, A, & Tan, X 2022, 'Narrowing the Implementation Gap: User-Centered Design of New E-Planning Tools', International Journal of E-Planning Research (IJEPR), 11(1), pp. 1-22. doi: 

The data atteched to this record contains:

README file with a brief description of user research process & list of workshops (participants per WS, methods, process & organization of teams, timeline).

ZIP files with workshop related data:

  • WS1 & WS2: Online workshops for Helsinki and Tallinn: Summaries of user needs  
  • WS3, WS4, WS5: VGP Online events for citizens: Summary of discussions, Analysis report  
  • WS6: Hub workshop in Tallinn: Summary, Images from the WS 
  • Developer interviews: Summaries 
  • Prioritization workshop: Prioritization boards 1 and 2  
  • WS7: Tallinn Hub workshop: Documentation of the analysis session, Images from the WS 
  • VGP user testing 1: Report of the feedback questionnaire, Images from the testing  
  • Interviews with Tallinn city employees: Notes from the interview 
  • WS8 and WS9: Expert elicitations in Helsinki and Tallinn: Questionnaire results from Helsinki and Tallinn, Presentation material in Helsinki WS, Images from the field visit 
  • VGP user testing 2: Report


The record is publicly accessible, but files are restricted to users with access.

June 16, 2023
June 16, 2023